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Overview of Kayaks

Kayaks are nothing but small boats that allow manual paddling. When buying a kayak, you have to consider numerous different things. The most important thing to consider is its usage. What do you want to use a kayak for? How often do you want to use it? Considering all this is important because there are numerous different types of kayaks available in the market today. You can categorize them based on design, type, and style. Kayaks are designed based on the type of water you will use them in, too. For example a kayak for calm water will be different from a kayak for the river flowing fast. A kayak for fishing will also be different from the other types.

If you a novice, you should know that you will essentially find boats for one person, boats for two people, and boats for three people. The most commonly used materials for single piece boats are fiberglass and plastic. However, you will also find inflatable and foldable models. If you choose a plastic kayak, you will face the problem of weight. They are usually very heavy. Fiberglass, on the other hand, is lighter but expensive.

The folding kayaks are an ideal choice because they can be folded and they occupy very little space. If you want to go kayaking for recreational purposes, a folding kayak is the one for you. The material used to make these is usually aluminum. However, you will find that they are more expensive. If you are just a beginner, you shouldn’t invest so much on the kayak. If you plan on taking kayaking up seriously, though, and spending much of your time in this sport, you can choose these. Another type is the inflatable type. This type is the best bet for calm waters. You can store them easily and they don’t cost much. If you don’t plan on using your kayak much, you can choose these.

Other types include sit-on-top and sit inside. These are very sturdy and they can be used for fishing and diving. They can usually take the weight of up to four people.

Now that you know about the different types of kayaks, choosing will be easier for you.

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