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While some people enjoy being alone, there are others who love spending time with their friends and close ones. When you go sailing, whether you are going alone or with others, you should give special importance to safety. Safety should be your priority and you should brace yourself for the worst because you never know what might happen. Make sure you take sailboat safety seriously and equip yourself with all the safety gear before going sailing. Here is some safety equipment that you will definitely need:

For your personal safety

You need a personal flotation device or PFD for sure. It is also known as a lifejacket and it is law that you go sailing only with this jacket. You should have any of the four types of lifejackets: Type I, Type II, Type III, and Type V. Also, your boat should have one Type IV lifejacket, which is a throwable life preserver. You should store them in a place that you will be able to access easily when there is an emergency. When you buy the PFD, you should ensure proper fit. Remember, this is about YOUR safety.

Sound Devices

You need to have a whistle, a bell, or an air horn with you to use as sound device when you are in trouble. These will help you a lot when the light is low and viewing is difficult.

Visual Aides

These aides will help you give out signals to other boaters that you need help. There are many visual aides for you to choose from. For the day, you have orange smoke signal or an orange distress flag. The flag should have a black square with a ball. For the night, red hand flares are ideal.

Always carry a bright flashlight with new batteries, too.


You need an anchor, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, and a compass. Having a bucket in the boat will also help you. It would also be ideal to keep a knife and other tools that you may require to repair the boat.

Be careful to equip yourself with all these for your own safety.

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